The mining industry operates in an increasingly competitive and capital-intensive industry, where profit margins are slim. As technology advances and more productive equipment is brought in, a solid maintenance program is required to improve reliability and secure a maximized return on investments.

Maintenance costs are generally higher in the mining industry than in many other industries. Until recently, reactive maintenance was the predominant strategy in mining. However, in consequence of equipment failures and catastrophic breakdowns causing large production losses and rising maintenance costs, the industry has modernized its maintenance practices.

Tough terrain and difficult operating conditions are trademarks of the mining industry. Mining machinery faces challenges like heavy loads, debris, wide variances in rotational speeds and severe misalignment. The mere size of the equipment and factors like spare part delivery time has made condition monitoring increasingly important to predict breakdowns.

Typical applications in open pit mining are excavator gearboxes, conveyors and crushers, where very slow rotational speed and load variations make condition monitoring complicated.

In underground mining, applications like elevators and lifting devices typically benefit from condition monitoring. Fans that are critical for ventilation and pumps keeping control of water levels and support for drilling are other areas of application.

"The online system enables long-term planning of our maintenance work. Ultimately, our goal is to have online monitoring installed on all significant operational equipment, and we are almost there. We have chosen to further develop our SPM systems since we have good cooperation; it is easy to get in contact with the service technicians and they always provide prompt assistance"

Mats Johansson, Maintenance Manager, Boliden Renström

New unique solution to optimize grinding

The solution monitors the charge toe position at the inlet and discharge ends of the mill drum and is an effective tool for oper­ators to determine the ideal feed rate for optimal grinding efficiency and particle size distribution.

In addition to avoiding mill overload, underload, and freewheeling, further benefits include monitoring:

  • wear-and-tear on the liner and lifters
  • outlet blockage
  • density
  • big rock occurrence

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Heavy-duty equipment for the mining industry

The mining industry is a heavy industry where condition monitoring equipment must survive mechanical and environmental forces. The SPM product range includes portable instruments, online systems and accessories specifically suited for shock pulse monitoring of rotating machinery and vibration monitoring equipment for detecting misalignment, gear problems, balancing problems etc. On slowly rotating machinery, the SPM HD® measuring technique can be used with benefit. SPM HD uses RPM based sampling frequency and algorithmic correlation techniques to ensure the highest possible signal quality and razor sharp spectrums for analysis.

Portable instrumentation

Our range of handheld instrumentation includes equipment for shock pulse measurement, vibration severity measurement, and vibration spectrum analysis.


With Intellinova, our unique HD condition monitoring technologies can be fully utilized to successfully provide earlier warning of mechanical problems than any other monitoring technology.

Products for Ex environment

Our high-performance portable and online equipment are also available for potentially explosive environments.

Transducers and transmitters

Selecting the right sensor for your application is vital to measurement accuracy. We offer a wide range of high-quality sensors and transmitters.

Case studies

Pinion bearing damage in ball mill

Using HD measurement technologies, Bulgarian copper producer Asarel Medet AD monitors the mechanical condition of critical equipment in the open-pit mine and flotation plant. This case study deals with the successful detection of outer race damage on a ball mill pinion bearing.

Condition monitoring on ball mill

Using the handheld instrument Leonova Emerald and DuoTech accelerometers, Norwegian mining company Rana Gruber monitors the mechanical condition of the production-critical ball mill in this case study.

Online monitoring on rotary calciner

This materials processing plant replaced its previous vibration monitoring system on the low-speed calciner drum with the online system Intellinova Compact after a test installation involving SPM HD measurements had proven successful.

Online monitoring of autogenous mill

In this case study from Bulgarian copper producer Aurubis, the SPM HD shock pulse technology is used to monitor the pinion shaft bearings of a production-critical autogenous mill in the flotation plant.

Ultra-long forewarning on drying drum

An international chemical company in Finland has monitored the condition of low-speed drying drums since 2012 using HD technology. This case study describes the detection of a bearing damage whose development was monitored over the course of three years.

HD technologies on ball mill at Orcem

Dutch cement producer Orcem implements HD technologies to monitor the mechanical condition of a ball mill, which is a critical part of the milling process in cement manufacturing. In many cases, the entire process can be severely limited or completely stopped if the ball mill ceases to operate. C...

Jaw crusher monitoring with SPM HD

Mining operations include a number of critical applications that may cause severe disruptions in the production process in case of malfunctions. One such piece of equipment is the jaw crusher.

Online condition monitoring on Boliden mine hoist

At the Renström mine in northern Sweden, Boliden monitors the mechanical condition of the multi-rope friction hoist using a combination of vibration and high definition shock pulse measurement.

Low-speed autogenous mill at Boliden mine

On an autogenous mill in Garpenberg, Sweden the Intellinova online system monitors the condition of the motors and gearboxes using vibration measurement in combination with SPM HD.

Online condition monitoring on a coal-conveyor

In Amarillo, Texas, USA, energy-services provider Savage is successfully employing state-of-the-art online condition monitoring on a coal-conveyor system to help eliminate concern of equipment failure and ensure safe and uninterrupted supply of fuel to Xcel Energy’s Harrington Generating Station.


Rana Gruber boosts reliability with online condition monitoring expansion

Norwegian mining company Rana Gruber now expands their condition monitoring by investing in the high-performance online system Intellinova Parallel EN and DuoTech acce...

SPM Instrument launches process optimization for vibrating screens

In 2022, SPM introduced process optimization using HD measurement technology. Grinding mills in the mining and mineral processing industry were the first to benefit fr...

SPM Instrument introduces process optimization for tumbling mills

With over fifty years of innovation and development of high-performance solutions for condition monitoring, SPM Instrument has gained solid experience of the various n...

Boliden Garpenberg monitors conveyor belts with Intellinova Parallel EN

Sweden's most modern mine is located in Garpenberg in southern Dalarna. Here, Swedish mining company Boliden mines complex ore at a depth of 500 to just over 1200 mete...

Boliden Garpenberg to monitor flotation cells with DuoTech accelerometers

Sweden's most modern mine is located in Garpenberg in southern Dalecarlia. In connection with the recent expansion of the mine a new concentrator was built, in which t...