Triaxial vibration transducer

The triaxial vibration transducer is a rugged, high-impact, low-noise accelerator with broad frequency response (Z-axis 2-10 000 Hz, X and Y axis 2-7000 Hz). 

It is hermetically sealed, has ESD and EMI/RFI protection, and is equipped with a versatile M12 connector. The sensitivity is 100mV/g, and its operating temperature range is −50 to 120°C.

The transducer is suitable for three-channel measurement with the portable instrument Leonova Diamond.

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Technical overview

Designed for both route-based and permanent-mount applications, the triaxial accelerometer hosts three general-purpose, 100 mV/g vibration sensors with ±10% sensitivity tolerance. It features a versatile M12 connector and an external casing in a thick shell for high resistance to impact.


Installation materials

Connectors, cables, and service box

We offer a wide range of connectors in composite or stainless-steel material. Composite material provides benefits such as vibration dampening and weight reduction, while stainless steel can withstand mechanical forces and works both in high and low temperatures, etc.

For our connectors, we supply various types of cables, and to further secure the installation, we supply uncovered, acid-proof stainless steel conduits. These are protective covers slipped onto the cable and fixed to the transducer at the connector. Stainless steel cable clips are available for holding the conduit. For the protection of cable joints from moist and water, a stainless, acid-proof steel service box is available.

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