Electronic stethoscope

Listening to machine sounds in order to determine the probable source of abnormal noise is one of the most widely used methods in maintenance departments across all branches of industry.

Excellent sound, filtering, and recording

Our electronic stethoscope is a practical and easy-to-use listening device that helps pinpoint the source of mechanical noise in a broad range of applications. Bearing condition, gear and pump noise, and electric relay operation are just a few of the many sounds that can be identified, amplified, and assessed. 

Low, middle, high, or no filter can be selected in order to single out relevant frequencies; with the push of a single button, the appropriate filter is applied. The volume is adjusted in the same simple way. Ear defenders effectively shut out ambient noise.

Robust, yet lightweight, this one-hand operation stethoscope comes with an internal SD card and recording capabilities, enabling sounds to be played back from the device and stored as sound files for further evaluation or future comparison.

  • Frequency range: 30 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Filters: low, middle, high, unfiltered
  • Casing: PC/ABS, IP55
  • Weight: 295 g incl. batteries and 60 mm probe
  • Complete kit (ELS14KIT) consists of stethoscope incl. batteries and SD card, probe 60 and 290 mm, headphones with ear defenders, and carrying case

The internal thread is the same as in the predecessor ELS12, allowing continued use of existing probes.

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