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Expect high quality – every time

Because our customers are our most valued asset, continuous improvement of the organization's overall performance is a permanent objective at SPM. We are proud to deliver products and services according to the international ISO standard of quality to our customers, while at the same time taking care of the world around us.

SPM Instrument AB received ISO 9001 certification in 1995, and we work continuously to obtain updated certification according to the latest ISO standard. ISO 9000 is the family of standards and guidelines that make up the world's most widely accepted quality management system. With this standard, any quality issues can be measured, monitored, and controlled. Our quality department, together with all our employees, work tirelessly to ensure we maintain high and reliable quality in everything that we do.

The purpose of our products is to elongate the lifetime of our customers' assets. Achieving this has economic impacts on our customers' business, ultimately also leading to positive environmental results. Avoiding breakdowns and making sure repairs are done at a suitable time increases the lifecycle of assets, thus minimizing the environmental risks associated with breakdowns and unnecessary repairs. Since 2017, SPM Instrument AB is certified under ISO 14001, the international standard for designing and implementing environmental management systems. Our whole process, from developing new products, production, shipping, handling, and ultimately waste management, is underlined by care for the environment around us.

To maintain our ISO certifications, our business must be run according to the ISO standards, and we must continually improve our quality and environmental management systems. Ultimately, this will benefit our customers – keeping the focus on customer needs and satisfaction – while at the same time ensure that our resources are used effectively, thus limiting our business' environmental footprint.

Download our ISO certificate

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Certifikat SPM ISO 9001 14001 en.pdf English (United Kingdom) 241 kB 10/3/2023
ISO Certificate - English
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ISO Certificate - Swedish