The Svilocell pulp mill. Photo: SPM Instrument Bulgaria

Outer race damage in Chemi-Washer detected with HD technology

This case study from Bulgarian pulp mill Svilocell is about the detection of a bearing damage through route-based condition monitoring on a Chemi-Washer, using the portable data analyzer Leonova Diamond.

After many years of using the portable A30 analyzer, Svilocell upgraded to Leonova Diamond with HD condition monitoring technologies. Soon after, shock pulse measurements with SPM HD indicated a bearing problem on the front reversible roll, with very clear BPFO matches. Three months later the bearing was replaced, revealing severe outer race damage.

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Case Study
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CS_017B_Chemi Washer_Svilocell_BG.pdf English (United Kingdom) 3 MB 11/24/2017
SPM HD case study on a Chemi-Washer at pulp mill Svilocell in Bulgaria.

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SPM HD® is a patented further development of the Shock Pulse Method (SPM) used for fast, easy and reliable diagnosis of the operating condition of rolling element bearings.