Tachometer and temperature probe

The tachometer and temperature probe is used with the handheld instruments Leonova Diamond and Leonova Emerald for optical (laser light beam) or contact measurement of the rate of rotation, and for contact measurement of peripheral speed. It also has a built-in sensor for measuring temperatures up to +300 °C.

Optical measurement of rotational rate

A laser light beam is directed against a reflecting tape on the rotating object from a distance of 30-2000 mm.

Contact measurement of rpm

A contact adapter with a rubber-tipped contact center is attached to the probe and then held against the center of a shaft end or a wheel.

Contact measurement of peripheral speed

A contact adapter with a contact wheel is held against the circumference of a shaft, a belt, etc. The rotational speed is read out in units, depending on which contact wheel is used.

Temperature measurement

The probe is also used for temperature measurements with a thermopile element in the range −20 to +300 °C.

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