Stora Enso Fors to install one of the world's largest online systems with SPM HD

This spring, Swedish board mill Stora Enso Fors in southern Dalarna - one of the world's largest and most modern facilities for producing carton board for consumer packaging and printing purposes – will be installing one of the world's largest online condition monitoring system with the patented SPM HD measuring technique.

On the board machine KM3, the existing VCM20 online system will be upgraded to the multifunctional Intellinova online system for condition monitoring. With a total of 438 shock pulse transducers, the online system on KM3 will be one of the world's largest systems to date with the SPM HD measuring technique in the pulp and paper industry. The installation will commence later this spring.

With Intellinova, the maintenance department at Stora Enso Fors will have access to the patented and award-winning SPM HD shock pulse technology, which has achieved great success since its launch in March 2010. Besides HDm/HDc (maximum shock value and lubrication condition), the SPM HD technique also includes SPM HD Spectrum and SPM HD Time signal, enabling easy, fast and reliable identification of the type of damage. The new system is less sensitive to interference from the process, which leads to more exact spectrums and trends simplifying the analysis of measuring results.

Thomas Pettersson, Maintenance Manager, says: "Today, we have with our existing system almost no unexpected bearing failures on the parts of KM3 that is monitored online. The investment here at Fors is done to ensure the functioning of the online monitoring of KM3. Additionally, the newer Intellinova units provide expanded and improved measurement capabilities, which is very interesting for us.

SPM HD is also used in other production facilities within Stora Enso; at the Skoghall paper mill in Värmland, SPM HD monitors a wash press and parts of the board machine KM7, and in the Kvarnsveden paper mill in Dalarna SPM HD is installed on wire presses and wash presses.