Concentrator at the Boliden mill in Garpenberg, Sweden. Image source: Boliden AB

SPM Instrument to deliver condition monitoring to Boliden AB

Swedish mining company Boliden has chosen SPM Instrument to deliver condition monitoring systems for its mining equipment.

Boliden is a metals company focusing on exploration, mining, smelting and metals recycling. Its production includes copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver and the company is a major player in the recovery of metals. The Boliden Group operates mines and smelters in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Ireland.

During 2012, Boliden has tested condition monitoring systems from a number of suppliers. Over a period of eight months, tests were conducted on the motor, gearbox and gears of an autogenous mill in the Garpenberg mine, Sweden. When evaluating the test results, the functionality of the systems, as well as the service organization of the suppliers, were taken into account. Boliden project manager Anders Stenberg says: "The project team agreed that the SPM system has delivered very clear measurement results where all interesting signals from the machines were clearly visible and SPM has shown great commitment to the task."

The mill in Garpenberg is investing in a new concentrator, where all machinery deemed critical to production will be equipped with online condition monitoring systems. The investment, estimated at SEK 3,9 billion, will increase production capacity from 1,4 to 2.5 million tonnes of ore annually.

SPM is very proud to be Boliden's first choice in condition monitoring and look forward to delivering online systems and portable instruments to its productions facilities.

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