The Onyx paper plant in Massachusetts, USA. Photograph: Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc.

Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc. gears up for more efficient maintenance with Leonova Diamond

A long time Leonova user, American paper mill Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc. recently upgraded to Leonova Diamond, the latest version of this portable instrument.

Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc. first began using Leonova Infinity to trouble-shoot bearing problems on motors and pumps back in 2007. Aiming to further improve plant performance and reliability, Onyx Specialty Papers now upgrades to Leonova Diamond, the first portable measuring device to offer the SPM HD method for condition monitoring of rolling element bearings. 

The investment is justified by a desire to access the latest instrument and software, which will enable improvement and future expansion of the current condition monitoring program. In addition to the merits of the leading-edge SPM HD technology, the Onyx maintenance department can now take advantage of three-channel vibration measurement and the possibility to use tri-axial accelerometers. A further upgrade benefit is the ability to connect to existing, wall-mounted vibration modules monitoring the line shaft bearings. 

The database currently consists of 1,113 measuring points covering motors, pumps, felt rolls and press felt rolls, and soon also gearbox bearings. Future development of the condition monitoring program may include FFT measurement for detection of electrical faults on motors, and monitoring low speed (8-56 RPM) gearbox and dryer can bearings with SPM HD.

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