New eight-channel addition to high-performance online system Intellinova Parallel EN

SPM Instrument continues to expand its high-end online condition monitoring system Intellinova Parallel EN and now launches an eight-channel version of this flagship system. From a cost per channel perspective, the new addition Intellinova Parallel EN 8 is an extremely cost-efficient solution for online monitoring of critical assets. The system is an excellent choice for test and proof-of-concept installations and monitoring mission-critical equipment with a smaller number of measuring points.

The powerful parallel and synchronous measurement capacity enables a great variety of measurement configurations for a diversity of applications. The Intellinova Parallel EN 8 system accommodates eight channels connected in parallel to two digital signal processors. Utilizing dual processor capacity across all eight channels in parallel provides maximum flexibility. The possibility to set up two and three channel measurements on any two channels, independent of the physical connection, enables, for instance, phase measurement between any channel pair. 

Flexibility and signal processing power are standout characteristics of the systems in the Intellinova Parallel EN family. Designed to manage demanding industrial environments and complex operating conditions, they are ideally suited for condition monitoring of industrial equipment with high availability demands. The systems incorporate HD condition monitoring technology, the world’s most efficient technologies for monitoring vibration, gear and bearing condition, and lubrication, with unmatched forewarning times for deteriorating machine condition.

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