Handheld probes and transducers with integral magnets

Handheld shock pulse probes and sensors with integral magnets make measuring with our handheld instrumentation straightforward and flexible.

External probe

Handheld probes

Our handheld probes for shock pulse measurement can be used together with Leonova Diamond, Leonova Emerald, and BearingChecker. The probe is directionally sensitive and must be held against the bearing and not deviate from this direction by more than +/− 5°. The probe tip is spring-loaded and moves within a sleeve made of chloroprene rubber (neoprene) and tolerates 110°C (230°F). 

Measuring points for the probe transducer should be located directly on the bearing housing and the signal path should be in a direct line to the contact area. The strongest shock pulses are emitted from the loaded region of the rolling interface in the bearing. To maintain steady pressure on the tip, press the probe tip against the measuring point until the rubber sleeve is in contact with the surface. Avoid pressing the probe tip against cavities and fillets that are smaller than the probe tip.

Transducers with integral magnet

Transducers with integral magnet

Our transducers with an integral magnet can be used together with Leonova Diamond, Leonova Emerald, and VibChecker. The transducers are available either straight or angled depending on your need. 

The vibration transducers are accelero­meters based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technologies. The transducers have an integral magnet for attachment to plain, clean metal parts with the main sensitivity axis pointing in the desired measuring direction. To get comparable results, measuring points should be clearly marked, such that measurements can always be taken in the same locations.